Genealogy Classes Available on DVD

After teaching genealogy classes for over 10 years and recording classes for Cable TV, we have decided to record some of the classes on DVD and make them available for sale. Each class includes the DVD video and a CD with the Class notes in a PDF file.


SALE  $5.00 Each    or    All 9 for $45.00





Getting started in genealogy research. Learn about basic forms, computer software options, what types of information to look for and where you might find it.

Finding Women in your Family

Tips for locating Women's names as you research your family.

Intermediate Genealogy

'What’s Next? – Taking the next step, looking for clues to other records, where to go to get records and putting the pieces together.  How I finally found my grandfather after searching for over 25 years.

Church & Cemetery Records

What genealogy information can you find in Churches and Cemeteries?  How can you go about getting the records?

Immigration Records

Clues to finding records about your immigrant ancestor. Passenger lists, citizenship papers and more.

Organizing your Research  &

Publishing your Family Tree

Two Classes on this DVD

Can you find the records you are looking for?  Are your files organized?  What system works best?  Are your original documents stored safely?

Putting it all together and sharing with family.  We will look at creating reports, charts, books and posters and printing and publishing options.

Military Records

What types of military records are available and where can you access them? How are they useful to your genealogy quest?

Using Maps  &

Planning A Research Trip

Two Classes on this DVD

Learn how to read plat maps and how to use the clues in records and maps to find your ancestral properties and migration routes.

Are you ready to take a trip to your ancestor’s homeland?  Are the records you need in the Courthouse?   Find out what information you need to plan for a successful research trip.

Handwriting Tips & Using Census Records

Two Classes on this DVD

Having trouble reading those old documents? Here are some tips for learning how to decipher the old script.

From 1790-1940 the U. S. Census records hold alot of genealogical clues.  Find out where to access census records, what is in each census and how to use that information to find other records.

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