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 Genealogy  101


Getting started in genealogy research. Learn about basic forms, computer software options, what types of information to look for and where you might find it.

Taking the next step in finding records, analyzing data and putting the pieces together.

How I finally broke through my brick wall.


Using Family Tree Maker 

Learn the basics of how to use Family Tree Maker genealogy software and how it interfaces with  Find out what’s new in Family Tree Maker 2019. (2 hour class)

Researching Land Records
& Maps


Did your family own property?  Looking for Homestead records, bounty land, and property records in the county courthouse.  

How to read plat maps and use the clues in maps and records to find your ancestral properties and migration routes.

Internet Resources for Genealogy

What is available online? Tips for searching free and subscription sites.

Military Records and Fold3


What types of military records are available and where can you access them?  How might they be useful to your genealogy quest? Also looking at for military records.

Immigration Records


How to look for clues to where your ancestors came from and how and when they arrived in America.  

How to Organize your Family History Research 


Can you find the records you are looking for?  Are your files organized?  What system works best?  Are your original documents stored safely?

Publishing Your Family Tree


Putting it all together and sharing with family.  We will look at creating reports, charts, books and posters and printing and publishing options.

Planning a Research Trip

How to prepare for a genealogy research trip. Planning ahead, what to bring, where to go and other tips for a successful trip.

Church and Cemetery Records  


What genealogy information can you find in Churches and Cemeteries?  How can you go about getting the records?

Census Records

What information can you find in Census records about your ancestors?  Learn what questions are asked in the 1790-1950 U.S. Federal Census and using the clues in them to find other records.

Looking for the Women in your Family Tree


Tips for locating records for those illusive women in your family. 

Naturalization Records 

Did your immigrant ancestor become an American citizen? Learn about clues to find the records.

Using Google Earth


Using Google Earth to map your ancestors. See how to make an interactive migration path of your family homes.

Tips for using


Subscription, Library Edition or the Free Guest account.  (This class can be a 2 hour class with laptops and internet access)

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